Friday, August 22, 2008

Random comic titles that soothed my soul.

Who didn't love comic books growing up? I lived and breathed comics for a long time and i always had my favorites, Comic books were one of my forms of escapism from everyday life. I knew names, Origins, The whole 9, So here's my random favorite comic book heroes, Villians and titles.

5.The nam'No, i'm not a veteran, But i was a sucker for war movies and books, This one gave us kiddies a chance to read about the war in our language, A non bloody, no cussin', cartoonish depiction of a real disasterous war which was The Vietnam war. All for 75 cents.

4.LoboA staple of 80/90's comic book violence, The main man killed first and asked questions later, He always chomped cigars, Drank alcohol, Banged women and cursed more than a sailor. My ultimate role model, You couldn't ask for anything more in a book. The ultimate guide to being a badass.

3.Justice leagueBack when comics were simple, Dc comics decided to relaunch the justice league and boy did it work, Cutting away from the early 80's robotic form this new team had a fairly loose crew that fought, dated and fought more among themselves than the villians. Could be perceived as "The real world" of comics. This was a genius move by all parties involved. I had it's entire run and stopped collecting after it was changed again and again, bleh!

2.NamorI wasn't a big namor fan until Marvel comics decided to give him a more dark and sinister look which was perfect for my taste, And on top of that it featured Iron fist? I was in comic geek heaven. The artist (Jae lee) was awesome and i considered him an influence towards my artwork. After a quick run thru the series the book went back to the crapper. Hence me moving on to other titles.

1.Grendel.How can i ever forget Grendel. It had a cult following and never gained anything more than an independent status, And a one shot deal with Batman. Grendel characters change all the time, But the one i remember most was the 12 issue series by the Pander bros featuring really colorful bloody artwork.


Rorshach(watchmen)An awesome character, Cold, Calculated and maniacal, He never bathed and kicked ass. I'm not riding The watchmen wagon here (The movie is coming out this year), This book has been out since the 80's.

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jae leeeroy jeenkins!!!!!!, remember when we was at a comic con and jae lee was sitting there at an empty table signing copies of marvel comics presents? "his debut title" and we immediately started saying stuff like, hey, its jim lees brother, hes trying to get in the game, new jack!, wannabe. those were the