Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The awesome gift of giving or cool sh*t i got as a gift

Ok, If you read my last post then here's the other 50%. The good stuff, The best of the best, the unforgettable things I've gotten as a kid, This is what being a kid was all about, I won't put the obvious stuff like video games, bikes and remote control cars, because those are always cool. I'll just keep it at 5 or this list would go on forever, These are just the ones i actually enjoyed the most.

5.Evel KnievelOh man, you revved this sucker up and off it went, jumping ramps and everything. This is a man's man world dammit! arrghgh!

4.SuckermanOK, so you throw this thing on walls and windows and he'd stick only because it's whole body is covered with suction cups, Threw it to the ceiling? OK, just wait a half hour, it'll come back down. I actually had gotten curious to see how it would look with no cups and cut off all the suctions with a razor. Poor thing.

3.Tabletop PacmanYes!!! You can put this in your backpack and play it whenever you wanted to, awesome! Oh wait, the battery life sucked..And no adapter. Bleh!

2.Big wheelsI will run you over, your mother, your father, your dog, your hamster, your whole family!!! Booyaaa!

1!!.Shogun warriorsWhen i received this, My brother and i screamed for joy. These things were 2 to 3 feet tall and shot out missiles! I love you shogun warriors!!


MicronautsI had a weird obsession with Micronauts, My favorite was Acroyear. I wonder why they never got any recognition?


Epoch man!!!This was a pacman rip off but it was fun to play, I actually played it in the middle of church mass on sundays (i had no soul). My friend also had one and we used to play it to death. Didn't think i'd remember Epoc man.

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